Clothing liquid
  • Available Scents:
    Spring (Floral notes), Vanilla, Apple, and Berries.

  • Displays: 
    2 Liters, 5 Liters, 1 Gallon, 10-Liter Containers and 5-Gallon Container

  • Application and uses:
    For domestic use, as a fabric softener. Add after washing clothes for rinsing.

  • Formulations:
    Polanco fabric softener is added in liquid form to the washing machine. The active ingredients are cationic surfactants, these surfactants adhere to the fabric fibers, providing softness. They also provide volume, fluffiness, and provide antistatic properties. They make clothes easier to iron and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Last but not least, fabric softeners give clothes a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance.



Newfangled and effective fabric softening formula.

- Recommended for delicate and special care garments.
-Protects the fabric and keeps the colors firm.
- Recommended for hand wash and washing machines.

  •  Softener Clothing liquid
  •  Softener Clothing liquid
  •  Softener Clothing liquid
  • Softener Clothing liquid


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